Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
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Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

In response to the current global pandemic (Covid-19) the world is facing, Fab Lab Addis has developed an automatic sanitizer dispenser(ASD). The contactless sanitizer dispenser can be used at offices, schools, homes, cafes, and restaurants, and at gates of any kind.

The product aimed to be not only functional but aesthetically appealing. It has also been developed in three color options to give users flexibility.

The ASD has already reached to users of different kind and that include: office of the president of Addis Ababa University, Vice president offices , and at Fab Lab Addis.

The product has been given a name “Jimare” which in Amharic means “the beginning”.
A total of 40 ASDs have been developed so far and it is planned to produce and distribute 100 products for different stakeholders. Alongside with the dispenser, proper packaging and product manual have been included to give it a full presence.